Be a SYNC'r

SYNC’rs get access to an array of prevention & wellness services personalized to the health status, budget, and goals of each member. Your SYNC HealthStyle establishes a personalized Health Plan to help you reduce your future medical risks as you age and plan for your best possible Health future. SYNC can help you get as in-depth as you want, even assisting in making sustainable lifestyle adjustments & comprehensive, preventative medical care.

  • SYNC Health Passport (app & web portal)
  • Access to Sync Virtual & Care Center Services
  • Referral Care Coordination Services
  • Annual Preventive Visit (as Covered by Insurance)
  • Annual Labs (as Covered by Insurance)
  • Tracking & Coordination of Annual Wellness Testing
  • Access to convenient In Person and Virtual Visits
  • Electronic Communication and Scheduling
SYNC is in network with all major Insurances.

Personal SYNC Care Coach

Your personal SYNC CTC will provide guidance, direction, education, and support as you pursue your wellness goals.  Each SyncMate is a certified health coach and is assigned to a limited number of SYNC Members enabling a personal, trusted relationship.  Your SYNC CTC becomes your ‘goto’ for questions about medical conditions, help achieving lifestyle changes, and navigating the traditional medical and health insurance maze if/when necessary.

Health Awareness Packages

The Awareness Packages enable Sync Members to learn more about their current health status and future health risks. The results allow the SYNC Care Team to personalize services and strategies to live a healthier, more active life and avoid health risks in the future that meet each Member's health goals and budget.
  • Baseline Profile Package
  • Inflammation Marker & Food Sensitivity
  • Early Detection Cardiovascular Risk
  • and more . . .
More about SYNC Awareness Packages

SYNC Medical Services

In addition to Prevention and Wellness Services, Sync Members have access to a variety of convenient, affordable, and accessible care options to help get well quick when life throws bumps and bruises in the path.
  • Virtual Visits
  • In-Person Visits @ Sync Care Center
  • Array of testing (Lab, Ultrasounds, etc.)
  • and more . . .
More about SYNC Medical Services

SYNC Health Score

Chart a course to a healthier you by identifying your SYNC Health Score and establishing your HealthStyle. SYNC’s Care Team performs an in depth review of collected lifestyle and medical data to assign a Health Score and create a personalized "HealthStyle" Plan to meet your wellness goals.

SYNC Network

A curated network of care providers committed to providing efficient, coordinated healthcare services that seamlessly integrate with the Sync Passport App/Portal and personal Sync HealthStyle plan.

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