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Is your health a priority in your daily life?

How can it be when our healthcare system is designed more for treating illness than it is about being healthy. Getting care today is complicated, inconvenient and expensive; making it nearly impossible to keep good health at the top of your priority list.

But if you don’t have good health, nothing else really matters . . .

Get SYNC'd

At SYNC, we believe that Good Health needs to be a daily priority and we have designed a solution that blends Medical Wellness & Prevention with realistic Lifestyle Practices, allowing you to optimize your Health & Well-being. Get SYNC'd and create a better you, both now and in the future!

Innovative Medical Care

Technology Driven Convenient Access to Personalized Care
Leveraging modern technology is important for both tracking and monitoring health and lifestyle, but also is key to making your HealthCare manageable in today’s busy world.
SYNC's App combined with Wearable technology keep you in touch with your Sync Care Team and track progress towards wellness goals.

Care Team Approach

SYNC gives you a personal Health Care Coach as your entry to a complete team of Licensed Healthcare Professionals. Your Care Coach will assist in Health evaluations, Care Planning and help coordinate the care you need.

- Personal Health Steward / Care Coordinator
- RNs, NPs, MDs, Dietitians, etc.
- Sleep specialists, Exercise experts, Stress management coaches, etc.
- Convenient Communication with SYNC HealthPASSPORT App

Prevention & Wellness

An array of services to help identify risks early and avoid costly care episodes in the future. Expanded blood test panel, food sensitivity testing, and more help to build a Sync HealthStyle tailored uniquely to each member's health status and goals.

Medical Baseline & SYNC Health Score

Identify your Comprehensive Medical Baseline so you can compare your health changes as you grow older. SYNC uses your Baseline to establish a Health Risk Score using our proprietary formula to better manage your ongoing Health & Medical Risks.

Sync Medical & Sick Care

Common and routine medical services direct to Sync Members through virtual care and Sync Care Centers that can be billed to commercial insurance or at low Direct to Member Cash Prices.

Care Coordination, Advice & Guidance

Personalized assistance with care logistics and financial management to make informed healthcare decisions. Coordination with other providers to ensure they have your most updated patient health records.

Advice & guidance to the right care, at the right time, at the right place, and for the right price whenever and wherever care is needed.

Lifestyle Integration

SYNC'ing means not only a focus on your Medical Health, but incorporating Lifestyle modification into your daily life to improve your overall Health and Well-being. SYNC services can help you make positive changes in nutrition, exercise, stress, and sleep management to further reduce future Medical and Health Risks.

Don't be a Patient!

Become a SYNC'r

Do you know that the word patient is derived from the Latin word ‘patior’ which literally means ‘to suffer’? At Sync, we don’t think anyone should be suffering in order to receive medical care. In fact, we believe that healthcare services should be available and used precisely to avoid suffering when possible.
Novel idea, don’t you think?
SYNC believes planning for your Health Future is just as important as planning for your financial future. Becoming a SYNC’r gives you access to a Personalized Healthcare Team and Innovative Tools to Reduce your Medical Risks improve your over all Health & Well-being. Start SYNCing today to create your own personal "HealthStyle" and make your health a top priority.
60 %

According to the World Health Organization, 60% of related factors to individual health and quality of life are correlated to lifestyle

Losing weight can reduce hospital visits and medication costs

75 %

75% of all doctor, urgent care, and ER visits are either unnecessary or could be handled safely and effectively over the phone or video (Statistics from the American Medical Association and Wellness Council of America.

76 %

76% of consumers prioritize access to treatment over a face-to-face visit (American Hospital Association)

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