Our Story

The history and genesis of Sync Health actually goes back over 20 years.  Back in the mid 1990’s our CEO, Glenn Jumonville, had a daughter, Brittany, was born with Spina-Bifida.  Obviously, the experience was traumatic on many levels, but the experience Glenn & Brittany had with a large health care system was particularly trying.  While Brittany did get great medical care and has gone on to live a fulfilling life, the experience from an administrative and medical documentation perspective was harrowing.  As a result of that experience, Glenn set out to create a Health IT company focused initially on electronic medical records.  iMed Software Corporation was formed in 2001, its flagship product, iMedEMR helped hundreds of physician’s offices make the transition from paper medical charts to electronic medical records.

Over the years, iMed Software has been successful by many measures.  The company has been profitable and growing, the software advanced from pure medical records to a fully electronic health record system that includes innovative functions enabling patients to engage electronically to track and maintain their medical information and better communicate with their doctor’s office.

Despite this success, there was still something missing.  The original mission of iMed was to transform the patient experience into something more akin to the convenience and customer service experienced in other industries and by other innovative companies like Amazon and Netflix.  For a variety of reason, the traditional healthcare system just didn’t seem to be able to make the transformation.

Finally, the decision was made to offer our own innovative care delivery model using the iMed technology platform as the foundation for a new experience.  Our goal is the disrupt the prevention, wellness, and primary care delivery model.  

We think that the so-called healthcare system isn’t really designed for health at all.  It is designed primarily to treat disease and illness after the fact.  The way the system is designed, healthcare should be called sick care and health insurance should be called sick insurance.

Sure, the Affordable Care Act (AKA Obama-care) mandated that all health insurance plans include ‘prevention and wellness services’, but we don’t think that even scratches the surface. Prevention & wellness services that are included in health insurance plans are limited in scope and don’t connect very well to other medical care, much less put an emphasis on lifestyle choices that can help avoid medical care in the future.

While we believe that most healthcare providers have the right intentions, (i.e. they want you to be healthy) the fact of the matter is that their payment structure is setup in such a way that they would all go out of business if everyone actually became healthy.  They get paid for performing so-called ‘health services’ but don’t really have an incentive to help you change lifestyle to avoid care and don’t have the time (because they don’t get paid) to help patients navigate the complicated healthcare and health insurance systems to get the right care at the right time.  As a result, typical ‘healthcare’ might include an annual wellness visit, but the patient is left on their own to figure out what to do for the other 364 days of the year.  And who is there to help you understand the myriad of technical terms thrown about by the insurance companies -copays, deductibles, co-insurance.  It’s almost like they make it complicated on purpose.  And you can forget about getting assistance from anyone when trying to figure out the most cost effective way to get the highest quality care.  

At Sync, we’ve reimagined everything about the medical and wellness experience.  Our motto – whatever is currently being done, do the opposite.  

  • We consider each of our customers a member of our care team rather than a patient.
  • We focus almost exclusively on prevention and wellness.
  • Our lab and test panels leverage medical science to guide care to prevent illness and are based on what is needed for each member and not necessarily based on what the insurance company mandates or covers.
  • We consider low cost, high quality care as the only option and take the time and interest to help each Sync member navigate ‘the system’ when they need care.
  • We consider the member a valuable and integral part of the care team and as such, include each member in care planning and care choice selection.
  • We believe that the medical provider (i.e. MD, NP) is an important part of the process, but it takes a whole team to create a optimal health so we also employ Care Advisors, licensed dietitians, Health Coaches, and others so we can care for the whole you.
  • We believe that technology enables a variety of care options and don’t rely exclusively on the age old ‘office visit’ as the sole means of interaction between the care team and the member.
  • We know that most health insurance plans these days require a significant investment from the so-called ‘beneficiary’ before the insurance even kicks in so we help each member understand the out-of-pocket costs associated with care options.
  • We believe the current cost structure of getting care is unsustainable so we have a moral obligation to not only reduce costs for the member but for other stakeholders as well.  Let’s face it, high care costs translate to higher insurance premiums which hurts us all.
  • The highest quality care doesn’t have to be the most expensive care.  Here again, the industry has made it very difficult to balance cost and quality.

At the end of the day we’ve designed our Sync Memberships to provide each Member with the care they need to get and stay healthy.  Sure, we provide services when you are sick and/or managing a chronic disease, but even then we focus on what needs to be done to get you back to healthy as quickly and cost effectively as possible at the lowest possible cost.

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