Employer Programs

Sync Memberships offer premium health benefits that will engage employees in the care they need, when they need it. A focus on lifestyle management combined with medical care results in better overall health, higher productivity, and a reduction in overall healthcare costs. There are several ways to offer Sync Memberships to your employees:
Employer Endorsed
There is absolutely no financial obligation to endorse Sync Memberships to your employees. Just let us market to them and allow any/all employees to enroll in Sync Memberships voluntarily.
Employer Sponsored
Sponsor Sync Memberships for your employees by paying for some, or all, of the cost of Sync Startup and Memberships.
Self-Funded Insurance Plan
Through our partnership with The Acuity Group, Sync Start and Membership Services can be bundled into a custom designed Self-funded insurance plan.

Employer Benefits


Getting care in a convenient and more cost effective way helps reduce short term spending, but also helps avoid high cost episodes like emergency room and urgent care visits. Care coordination & guidance help direct employees to the highest quality, lowest cost care option available. Expanded service options reduce costs for medications and other healthcare services.


Maintaining good health requires engagement on the part of the employee. Traditional healthcare is so complicated that it actually impedes engagement which can result in high cost episodes. The personal care and convenience offered by Sync Memberships makes it easier and more affordable for employees to engage in health and wellness services on a consistent and ongoing basis. Increased engagement in turn improves employee compliance to help maintain good health, better control chronic conditions, and avoid high cost episodes. It also means happier employees which improves retention.


Let's face it, getting traditional healthcare is not very convenient. Needed care, whether for an illness or injury or to manage chronic conditions, typically requires an office visit which means time away from work to spend in the car and the waiting room. Sync convenient care options means that many office visits can be replaced with virtual care.


Sync services can be tailored to specific employee populations by providing onsite care either at specific times during the year (ie. a wellness fair) or through permanent location of a Sync Care Site in, or near, a high density employee facility (i.e. corporate headquarters, warehouse, etc.).

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