Frequent Questions

01. Is Sync Health an Insurance Plan?
No, Sync is not an insurance plan. Sync Memberships are not typically covered by insurance, but some Baseline services and Sync Health Services are covered by insurance. The Sync Care Team includes insurance experts that help members determine the best way to take advantage of insurance coverage to ensure the lowest possible out-of-pocket expenses for all Sync Services.
02. Will Sync work with my insurance plan?
Yes. Our insurance experts understand the ins and outs of the insurance maze and help members decide if insurance coverage is the best way to get the right care while also minimizing out-of-pocket expenses. Often, it is more economical to pay our specially discounted Direct to Member prices even if you have insurance coverage. This is especially true for relatively healthy members with high deductible plans.
03. Why is there a range of prices for the Food Sensitivity and Baseline Fee?
There are three different types of Food Sensitivity options but each member only needs to select one. The difference between the options is primarily the number of foods and chemicals tested. The range for the complete Baseline fee depends on the Food Sensitivity test option selected and whether or not the Sync Super Lab Panel is selected.
04. Is Sync the same as VIP, Concierge, or Direct Primary Care?
No. While Sync Services do include elements of all of these types of Primary Care, at the same time, we are none of them, exactly. Our mission is to intelligently combine the right set of services to help members get and stay healthy. We are much more proactive with our members to help them SYNChronize medical wellness with healthy lifestyles. We do offer options for unlimited medical visits, but we also allow our members to choose when and how they want to combine those more traditional medical services with other health components.
05. Do I have to make a long term commitment to a Sync Membership?
No. Sync’s mission is to help every member get and stay healthy over the long term, but we believe that we need to earn the right to be your health partner every day, week, month, and year so there is no long term commitment required. You can choose to cancel your membership at any time without obligation. Your Sync Health Passport account will remain active so you will always have access to your medical records.
06. How and when do I get billed for the Baseline?
You don’t get billed for Baseline services until after you’ve had your welcome call with your Sync Care Guide. Once you’ve made your baseline service selections (i.e. Sync Super Lab Panel, Food Sensitivity) you will be billed for those services. All payments are made through your Sync Health Passport account where charges and statements are available to you at any time. We accept all major credit cards and can typically incorporate Health Savings Account payments as well.
07. How and when do I get billed for my Sync Membership?
There is no membership fee for PC+ Members, but Be & Live Healthy members are billed quarterly in advance directly and automatically through your Sync Health Passport account. Be Healthy Members receive their first bill three months after the Baseline while Sync Live Healthy Members are billed one month after the Baseline.
08. What if I need specialty care that Sync doesn’t offer?
Sync has established a network of specialty care providers that share our passion for high quality care delivered in a convenient and low stress way. Your personal Sync Care Guide, along with the rest of Sync Care Team, will help you identify the care you need, providers who can deliver that care, and make the referral process smooth and seamless. We help you prepare for a visit with a specialty care provider, electronically send all pertinent medical information to that care provider in advance of your visit, retrieve relevant records after the visit, and then follow up with you to make sure you understand your care instructions and any new medical conditions are integrated into your Sync HealthStyle.

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