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SYNC is offered directly to members on an individual basis and to small/medium sized businesses with self-insured employer-sponsored plans for their employees. Services are subscription-based, and include at minimum the START Healthy profile and assessment, and the BE Healthy annual plan. A menu of additional ‘add-on’ services is offered on an a-la-carte basis as needed.
START Healthy

To effectively chart a course to any destination you need a road map and a starting point.  START Healthy serves as the beginning of your wellness journey, as we put together a thorough profile of your current health status. Get more in-depth information on START Healthy here; program highlights include:

InTake: thorough analysis of current lifestyle in relation to diet, exercise, stress, sleep patterns, etc.; plus traditional medical history.
Medical Baseline: based on medical history, we create a new baseline using blood, saliva, urine, and diagnostic imaging studies, as needed.
Assessment & Health Risk Score: our team reviews all data to get in sync with your needs, and provides a specific health risk score that drives your care plan.
SYNC Session: virtual and in person visits with your care team of licensed medical professionals; to address dietary, exercise, behavior and medical needs.
Sync Plan: your health coach, or SYNCmate, will review lifestyle and medical action items, and a detailed plan of how to stay on track

BE Healthy

At the conclusion of the START Healthy Profile, each member enrolls in the BE Healthy subscription membership that includes ongoing services throughout the year. The subscription allows members to treat their healthcare holistically — not as a single event associated with a doctor or hospital visit, but rather daily steps to health and wellness. Managed and directed by their SYNC care team, BE Healthy is individually tailored to each patient based on their age, gender, history, etc. and the results of their profile.

Key benefits include:


Unlimited access to your SYNCmate through online chat, secure messaging, phone, and virtual ‘consults’. They help you stay on track and negotiate any stumbles along the way.

Care Coordination

Though our team doesn’t necessarily treat all medical issues or conditions, we help you understand and coordinate care options and referrals for any diseases or disorders, and adjust dietary, exercise and lifestyle plans as needed.

Virtual Care

The plan also includes quarterly virtual visits with the Sync Nurse Practitioner assigned to their care and may include chat, secure messaging, phone, and/or virtual visits with other members of the Sync Care Team as well.

In Person Visits

Two In Person Sessions are available to each BE Healthy member. One of the two sessions is reserved as the Re-Start Session to review, update, and refine the SYNC Plan for the upcoming year.

Stats & Charts

Clients are also provided with the resources to manage turnaround scope collection, approval and risk ranking. In addition, the resources to develop both the long range (+30%) budget on a statistical basis, as well as the control budget based on the completed schedule
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Attract and retain quality, high-paying customers
Manage your time so you’ll get more done
Hone sharp leadership skills to manage your team
Cut expenses without sacrificing quality

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By helping with daily activities, our caregivers enable clients to maintain their normal daily routines. Hourly home care allows clients to use our caregivers on an hourly or as-needed basis.

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