CrossFit Amis

We are excited to offer the owner and coaches of CrossFit Amis the opportunity to experience SYNC Health Services.  As such, we are offering a special promotion that includes special  discounts  on Health Awareness Packages and 60 days of our ongoing health services at no cost.  

Health Awareness Packages

Health Awareness Packages are designed to help members get a more detailed understanding of their current health status and identify potential health risks.  

Health Awareness PackagesRetail PriceCrossFit Amis Promotion
Start Healthy + HealthScore$89$49
Start SYNCing & Medical Baseline $299$199
Inflammation Markers Package$395$350
Wearable Package$29No Charge

For a more detailed description of what is included in each Health Awareness Package go to Health Awareness Packages.

Wellness & Prevention Services

To help CrossFit Amis understand the value and nature of our ongoing health maintenance, improvement, and prevention services, we are pleased to offer:

  • 2 months of STAY Healthy & GET Healthy Subscription Service at no cost (a $166 value).

The Live & Get Healthy Subscriptions will begin upon the completion of the Health Awareness Package.

For a more detailed description of what is included in the Stay & Get Healthy plans, go to Ways to be a SYNC’r.

Book a Connect Call Today

Simply click on a date and select a time for your connect call with a SYNC Health Coach to get started.

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Becoming a SYNC’r is convenient and stress free. The call is short (about 10 – 15 minutes) and allows us to get to know you a little better. We will chat about your health status and conditions, your goals, and the budget you have in mind to put towards healthy living.

SYNC services are ideally suited to people who are motivated to improve their health and avoid risks in the future.  We believe there is synergy between the customers served by CrossFit Amis and SYNC Health and would like to explore ways to cross market the businesses to the benefit of both.   SYNC has created this special Owners & Coaches Promotion to serve this purpose.

The goals of this promotion are to:

  • Offer CrossFit staff an opportunity to experience the SYNC Services first hand at a greatly reduced cost.
  • Identify special, custom SYNC packages that would uniquely appeal to CrossFit members.
  • Identify current and future SYNC Members that would benefit from a CrossFit  Amis membership.
  • Identify special, unique CrossFit Amis membership options that would uniquely appeal to current and future SYNC members.